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Saratoga Springs Construction Accident Lawyers

Injured While Working on a Construction Site?

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work. They are rife with unsafe conditions that often are the cause of serious injuries. At Thorn Gershon Tymann and Bonanni, LLP, we pursue compensation for work-related injuries. We want you to recover from your injures as quickly as possible so that you can move forward with your life. We have been helping injury victims in upstate New York for more than 20 years. In that time, we earned a reputation for quality client service and for getting results.

We handle all types of construction accidents, including:

  • Crane accidents
  • Scaffolding falls, collapses and similar accidents
  • Ladder falls
  • Fork lift accidents
  • Roof accidents
  • Welding accidents
  • Falls from heights

A construction worker involved in a work-related accident will often have a claim against the general contractor and/or owner of the construction site pursuant to Sections 240 and 241 of the New York State Labor Law:

  • New York State Labor Law 240: Also known as the Scaffolding Law, this law protects workers injured by or on scaffolds, ladders, hoists, hangers, ropes, blocks, braces and other similar devices. Section 240 also protects workers from "falling objects" at a work site where an object falls and injures a worker due to a violation of the safety provisions.
  • New York State Labor Law 241: This law requires that all areas where work is performed are kept in a safe condition and imposes a duty upon the general contractor and/or property owner to comply with all provisions of the New York State Industrial Code.

Lake Placid Construction Worker Injury Attorneys

Contact the experienced construction accident attorneys at Thorn Gershon Tymann and Bonanni, LLP. Please call 518-464-6770, or use the contact form to arrange for an initial consultation. From our offices in Lake Placid and Saratoga Springs, New York, our attorneys represent clients throughout the Adirondacks and upstate New York.

We work on all construction and labor accident cases on a contingency basis, which means that you will not pay any lawyers' fees unless you receive compensation for your injuries.

Past success does not guarantee future results.

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