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Lake Placid Civil Lawsuits Attorneys

Handling All Types of Complex Civil Litigation From Saratoga Springs to Plattsburgh

Tourism is the prime industry in upstate New York and the Adirondacks region, and with it comes tourists and vacationers. If you are an out of state resident or a seasonal employee, resort owner, vacation property owner or other small business, the attorneys at Thorn Gershon Tymann and Bonanni, LLP, can effectively represent your interests in a wide variety of civil litigation claims.

Our trial lawyers have decades of courtroom experience and knowledge about a wide range of industries and legal matters. From our offices in Saratoga Springs and Lake Placid, New York, our law firm represents individuals and small businesses throughout the Adirondacks region.

Understanding Both Sides ∙ Experience on Your Side

Our approach to many commercial disputes and civil lawsuits is to give our clients a realistic assessment based upon our experience and the facts of the case. That assessment may be that a settlement is the best or most cost-effective option. We prepare for a vigorous courtroom defense, but also use other means to reach a favorable solution, including mediation and arbitration. We do not approach your case with a one-size-fits all solution. Our experience will guide us toward the best approach for your situation.

Our law firm has acted on behalf of either the plaintiff or the defense in a wide range of civil lawsuits including:

  • Contract disputes — for buy/sell agreements, employee/employer contracts, real estate issues and much more
  • Employee/employer disputes — representing either side in a civil lawsuit such as wrongful termination, discrimination or harassment
  • Construction disputes — including failure to deliver on time, failure to complete, faulty workmanship, injuries at work and much more
  • Financial disputes — representing the lender or the borrower in disputes regarding promissory notes, mortgages, leases and much more
  • Real estate disputes — representing either the buyer or seller or renter of resort property, vacation property, residential property or commercial property including personal injury lawsuits
  • Personal injury litigation — representing those injured in car accidents and other personal injury accidents.

Contact Our Saratoga Springs Wrongful Termination Lawyers

At Thorn Gershon Tymann and Bonanni, LLP, we help our clients reach a satisfactory outcome in civil lawsuits, personal injury litigation, criminal defense work and much more. Please call us at 518-464-6770, or use the contact form to arrange for an initial consultation with one of our attorneys.

Past success does not guarantee future results.

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